Oversize brochure

You’ve just come up with a great concept for your marketing piece. You and your team have great content and eye catching images for a brochure, however it is not a standard size. You are nearing completion of you design. The finished piece is required in a few days, you only need 500 or so, and then you discover that your oversize brochure can only be run on offset presses and it will be 5 days. Oh and the minimum quantity will need to be a lot more than what you need.
What do you do, where do you go?

If this is a scenario you are familiar with, we can help.
Our continual investments in technologies that allow us to provide more solutions to our clients has now given us the ability to print your 25.5 x 11 brochures in house on a variety of stock.
This has allow us to be more nimble and give you more time focusing on refining you message for just the right audience


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